Frequently asked questions

It is possible to change only the width of the furniture or the length of the legs. In this case, we make a new technical drawing acceptable to the customer. Modification is associated with additional costs and extended waiting time.

It is possible to change the color of the furniture to any of the RAL / NCS palettes.

It is possible to change the color of the frame to any of the RAL / NCS palettes, except for the gold and brass finishes.

It is possible to order the Madera TV stand without a quartz sinter. The price of the furniture remains unchanged.

If we do not have furniture in stock, the standard waiting time is 6-9 weeks. In the event of heavy plant occupancy, the time may be extended to 10 weeks.

We do not make furniture to size. We are open to projects that will enrich our collection in the case of box furniture. Suggestions regarding the furniture you are looking for can be sent to the following address: office@fondu.pl

The furniture is hand-made from a Polish manufactory in Konin. In production, we use selected materials and we take care of every detail.

Individual orders are priced and ordered at the following e-mail address: office@fondu.pl

The customer has 15 days to return the furniture without giving any reason. Details on returns are available at: https://fondu.store//en/returns-and-complaints/

It is possible to receive a sample of the material. https://fondu.store/en/samples/

In case of doubts regarding the dimensions, we send a technical drawing of the furniture. Please send inquiries to the following address: office@fondu.pl

We send furniture to all European Union countries and Switzerland.

We are open to cooperation with architects and showrooms, in order to receive an offer, please contact us at: office@fondu.pl

Cable grommets are located in the bottom plate of the cabinet, they are hidden behind the door. At the customer’s request, the position of the guides can be changed.

The space between each lamella is 1 centimeter, so the remote control’s range will reach any equipment hidden behind the Madera TV Stand door.