A world of intriguing and natural colours

What is colour?
Colour is energy. A vibration. A force that speaks directly to our subconscious, bypassing any filters of rationality we impose on ourselves. It influences how we feel, our emotions and well-being. This knowledge allows designers of various industries to create a world where you have the power to express yourself. The shade of lipstick on your lips, the colour of the dress you wear on a Saturday night, the colours of the walls and furnishings in your home… Every choice you make affects how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Learn about the specificity of colours and start consciously using them to delight, soothe, inspire, whenever you want.

Through colour we reflect our desires and emotions. We express who we are and who we would like to become. We were inspired to search for new exotic colours by mother nature herself, whose wonderfully colourful, yet transient creations in the form of bright flowers and fabulous animal colouring, we want to keep for as long as possible.

Elegance with a taste for Burgundy wine

Like aromatic wines from the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions, the colours claret and burgundy are synonymous with chic, class and elegance. They have travelled from palace chambers to give depth to interiors with an eclectic classic style. They blend perfectly with natural finishes and, when paired with natural wood, make an extremely sophisticated composition. Burgundy in particular, as a sublime combination of red, brown and a hint of violet, is an amazing accent that cannot be ignored. This shade is best presented on small wall surfaces or incorporated in the form of accessories, e.g. as a small table or chest of drawers. The perfect piece of furniture to introduce a bit of burgundy mystery and subtle chic is the Veroni side table designed by FONDU. Its simple design, with its delicate arcade elements will transport you imperceptibly to the world of the Renaissance highlighted by the colour of an outstanding French wine. Also noteworthy is the beautiful small Gabbia 131 chest of drawers or the slightly larger Gabbia 177. The gentle lines allow our eyes to wander lazily and admire the intriguing play of light and shadow piercing through the filigree openwork finish of the sides. The light shimmers further emphasise the sensuality and the mystery of the burgundy planes of the dresser.

Soothing touch of the sky

The cool breeze of the blue tones fills you with peace and has a calming effect. There is a reason why we like to follow the blue sky and the clouds drifting lazily across it with our eyes to relax. Blue is associated with innocence and tranquillity and also inspires confidence (especially the darker shades). This is why shades of blue are so popular in the world of business and politics.
In interiors, it is an extremely versatile colour. It loves the company of light pastel and powder colours and feels equally at home with more saturated colours. This characteristic makes it ideal for almost any style.
Although it is a cool colour, in interiors it gives the impression of cosiness.
On the walls, like white, it optically enlarges the space. Blue furniture, depending on the other accessories, will help you arrange the space in an unconventional way. A perfect example, is the Veroni side table in Baby Blue or the slightly more subdued Off Blue. In combination with linen, light wood and wicker, it will give your interior a Mediterranean feel.
A different effect is achieved by directing our attention towards the more saturated shades of blue. Navy blue makes us think of authority, wisdom and professionalism. It also introduces an element of elegance, which goes well with other dark colours such as purple, green and anthracite. It is worth remembering moderation, so as not to overwhelm the interior with too many dark colours. But as an accessory, the colour blue works in every way.
Its saturated dark shade is an original element of a Scandinavian or modern style arrangement. The Madera TV Cabinet in the shade of Ocean will perform excellently in this role.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2022

If creativity had a colour, it would certainly be purple. Exposure to the colour purple activates the areas of the brain that are responsible for imagination and problem solving. As the dye was once extremely difficult and expensive to obtain, it was often used by monarchs, clergy and scholars. Purple evokes impressions of luxury, wealth and prestige. However, depending on the shade, it can be given a slightly lighter or even playful character. The intriguing influence of purple was recognised this year by the Pantone Institute, declaring the colour Veri Peri as the colour of the year 2022. The shade chosen is meant to unleash our creativity and prompt us to get creative. To help you follow this year’s trends, we have chosen Veri Peri as one of the colours, for the Veroni support table. In combination with white, grey and beige, it will be a real interior decoration that will focus the eye and give the room character.

In the embrace of nature

Imagine the damp, luscious green of a tropical forest, ripe cornfields swept by the touch of a warm south wind and the smell of freshly mown grass. A whole palette of earthy colours appears before your eyes: browns, beiges, greens and… tranquillity.
Communing with nature awakens a sense of peace and harmony that we would like to retain for as long as possible. This is why arrangements in earthy colours are so popular. Neutral beiges, whites, greys, greens, yellows and browns are in perfect harmony with each other, allowing plenty of freedom and space for experimentation. By using accessories made from natural materials, you can create a naturally beautifully minimalist and ecological interior. The Sorella chest of drawers in the shades of natural oak or walnut oak will look great here, which, as a flower stand, will beautifully emphasise the lush greenery of the plants. Thanks to the use of oak veneer with expressive grains and simple forms with gentle lines, the Gabbi chest of drawers will be a real adornment of the interior, which will allow you to spiritually connect with nature.
The Metropoli Collection, made entirely of solid wood, will also blend in perfectly with the natural atmosphere.

At different stages of life, your needs may change. Just like your favourite colours and shades. That is why we encourage you to experiment and search for your own colour recipe for the perfect interior. To support you in your search, we have created our unique furniture in the many shades available. Now you can fully express yourself and order unique FONDU products in any RAL colour of your choice. You can only be limited by your imagination.