Contemporary wall panels are nothing like the wall coverings we remember from the communist era as panelling. They are modern, impress with their original design and, in addition, can be so varied that they can easily fit into any interior. In addition, they are easy and quick to install, which proves to be a practical solution when we want to insulate and soundproof an interior.

Wall cladding in modern interiors

Wall panels are one of the most interesting current trends. In addition, they are a very practical solution when you want to change the look of your interior, but are not ready for a complicated, long, expensive and messy renovation. Their advantage is that they are easy to install and the effect they guarantee is truly impressive.

The range of wall decorations can be really wide. We can easily find stuccowork, laths, decorative plaster, cork panels, laminated panels, wallpaper and many more, but the most stylish, versatile and timeless seem to be those made of natural wood. The advantages of this material include not only its beautiful appearance, but also its ability to add warmth and cosiness to a room.

Wall cladding can be used in a variety of ways. From placing them on all the walls (although it is worth being careful with this, as the result may turn out to be overwhelming), to covering one of them or only a fragment of it. The latter choice may be an interesting method of visually separating individual functional areas, e.g. the dining room from the living room or the office area from the sleeping area. Panels also fit well above a fireplace or behind a TV, creating a kind of TV wall.

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Advantages of wall fins

Wall panels are a unique combination of aesthetic qualities and practical advantages. What arguments support their choice?

  • They look very striking, and no specialised skills are required to integrate them into the décor or install them. As a result, there is no need to hire a professional designer or renovation team to create an interesting, eye-catching interior;
  • They are very versatile. Thanks to the fact that you can find various designs and colours of wall panels and customised wall panels on the market, there is no problem to match them with any décor. They perfectly complement modern, Scandinavian, industrial, ecological or classic styles, among others;
  • The wall laths soundproof the room well, solving the problem of echo and reverberation;
  • They add a depth and originality to interiors that is difficult to achieve with traditional paints or wallpapers;
  • They decorate rooms without taking up valuable space.

Pannelli collection

Wall panels Panneli is a very good choice – for all those who appreciate the classics in a modern edition. The collection combines natural and timeless materials with contemporary, unusual design. Each panel is handmade and covered with oak flader veneer. The 3D milled embellishments add character and eye-catching detail to the products, becoming the room’s greatest decoration. The laths are available in different shades of wood, so that you can match them to your tastes and the rest of the arrangement. All these features, as well as the nobility of the material, mean that they are not just a reflection of a momentary trend, but can become an investment for years to come.